Rekey a Lock NYC, NY

Got your keys lost or stolen? Gave your keys to someone who is not trustworthy anymore? Are you thinking in replacing the Locks in your doors?

Don’t worry; probably you won’t need to replace all of your latch system. We at NYC Locksmith are able to rekey your lock system.

Lock rekeying is a special technique used by us at and it consists in changing the interior tumblers inside a lock to a different shape and size. This, it would then prevent the original key to operate and you will receive a brand new set of keys to open your rekeyed lock resulting in peace of mind.

Usually you have a key for the main door, garage, or any inner door at your home or business. So this is another reason why our Locksmith technicians recommend Lock rekeying. This is an amazing practical and comfortable way to stop carrying a key change full of different keys. At we can easily rekey all of your locks, so instead of having a bunch of different keys on your keychain we will provide you with one master key to open all your doors!

So the next time you think you have to replace your locks – WAIT! Don’t make hasty decisions!

Fill out the form below or call: 212-866-8868 for a FREE ESTIMATE, our experienced technicians will be happy to visit you at your home or business for a latch system evaluation. Rekeying can be just a fraction of the price you would have to pay to have your locks fully replaced. Our Locksmith technicians will offer you a friendly, a professional service and a 90 day warranty granted on all parts and labor.

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I got stuck outside of my office in Upper East Side 3 days ago. I called the number indicated on the website and they arrived within less than 15 minutes. The lock in our still door was opened easily and in a very professional way. We really appreciate the service – thank you 911nyclocksmith!

-Shannon S.

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