In places like schools, corporate buildings, hotels or other public or private institutions a master lock system, is the best system in terms of safety to have installed.
A master lock system is safe and convenience; it is a combination of multiple locks and keys. This system uses a master key that opens more than one lock, while with the traditional lock system you will need a key per lock or door.

One of the best concepts of a master lock key system is that the person in charge of the building would carry only one key instead of a whole bunch of them, while others will need a specific key to access the entrance into each room in the design location. e.g., a hotel manager would have access to all of the rooms at the hotel using one key, but a guest would only have the key to open his/her room.

This master lock key system is also great when at a corporation or at an institution, where there are some employees responsible for certain areas. This system would be less confusing and more comfortable because this staff member will with one key, have access to each room in the area he/she is responsible for.

Master Locks New York, NYC

As you can see, a master locks key system can be pretty complicated and should be handled only by true specialists. No matter what type of Master system solution you may need, we at have the required knowledge and experience to fulfill any order. We work with 2 and 3 tiered Master systems and if needed, we can create a custom solution depending of your specific need.



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