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According to official statistics, the way an intruder uses to enter your home or business to practice vandalism is by the main door. This happens by a key duplication or by breaking up through the regular latch system. The reality is that today is very easy for anyone to duplicate a standard key. can help you minimize the danger of burglary and increase the safety of your home by guarding your entry door lock sets.

At we highly recommend you to replace your standard door locksets, with the most advanced security system designed by Mul-t-lock, Medeco, Von Duprin among other locks made by other companies leaders in the market.

These locksets systems include a personal identification card and a sophisticated custom keyed mechanism that would dramatically reduced the chance of anyone duplicating the keys from your home or business.

The installation of this particular lockset system should never be performed by an average homeowner, since it needs intensive labor; professional working skills and the proper equipment that only can provide you with


At 911NYCLocksmith we install and provide maintenance to the following advanced lockset systems: Deadbolt Lock, Mortise Locks, Entry Locksets, Night Latch, Privacy Lockset, Dummy Knob and many more.

The deadbolt Lock system provides maximum security:

  • It is called “Dead” because it cannot be moved to the open position except, by rotating the lock cylinder.
  • The technique of a deadbolt Lock makes a door more resistant and prevents the entry without the proper key.
  • May be either a single cylinder or a double cylinder.
  • A single cylinder deadlock operates by using a key from the outside and with a twist knob from the inside.
  • A double cylinder deadlock can be designed to utilize the key on both sides. It is widely used with glass doors because the structure of this particular lock prevents breaking the glass and opening the door from the inside.
  • A double cylinder deadbolt lock would prevent your door to lock from the inside.

PLEASE be aware that deadbolt lock system can be dangerous if the inner key is missing or is not available at the moment, a person can stay trapped inside.

“In some areas, legislation may not permit this type of a deadbolt system”.

Other Types of Deadbolts Include:

  • Single Cylinder with removable thumb turn
  • Classroom Function (only thumb turn unlocks door)
  • Exit Only Function (no external cylinder)
  • Push button Deadbolt (mechanical or electrical)

Surface Mounted Deadbolt Locks:

  • Flat in shape
  • Mounted on the inside surface of the door
  • Operated with a key or a turn knob
  • The bolt slides into a surface-mounted slot

Mortise Locks:

A mortise lock is a type of locking device make up of a large, rectangular body and it needs to be cut into the door or piece of furniture into which the lock is to be fitted. These locksets are resistance, sturdy and durable and should be only replaced or installed by an experienced mortise locksmith technician.

The Parts Included:

  • Flat, rectangular lock body (the part installed inside the mortise cut-out in the door)
  • A lock trim
  • A strike plate, or a box keep, which lines the hole in the frame into which the bolt fits
  • A keyed cylinder which operates the locking / unlocking function of the lock body.

Mortise Locks:

  • Available in right or left handed styles.
  • Are stronger and more versatile than a regular cylindrical lock, both in its external trim and its functionality.
  • Has a pin thumper locking device in its cylinder and operates from the inside by turning the inside knob; and from the outside by using a key that twists both the deadbolt and the latch bolt.
  • Can be used both on heavy commercial and residential door

Entry Locksets:

  • Can be locked from the inside and from the outside by two knobs installed on both edges
  • Usually operated by a key to (un)lock the outside knob, but from the inside can be (un)locked by turning a knob or pressing a button
  • In some models can be (un)locked only from one side. In other types the system is locked with a key both from the inside and from the outside For light security and usually used in combination with another lock

Night Latch:

  • Installed on the inside surface of the door.
  • The large spring loaded latch automatically locks whenever the door closes.
  • For light security and usually used in combination with another lock.

Privacy Lockset:

  • “For interior use only”
  • Utilized for privacy rather than for security.
  • Can be (un)locked from the inside only by a locking button on the inside knob. Can not be locked from the outside.
  • In case of emergency can be opened from the outside by inserting a narrow object (like a needle) into a small hole on the outside knob

Dummy Knob:

  • For internal use & decoration purposes only
  • Has no locking mechanism


All the locking systems described above and many others are available at in a wide variety of styles and designs.
We work with all the industry leading producers and have the developed skills and experience to properly install and maintain any type of security locking system in the market.


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