We at 911NYCLocksmith.com take your security very seriously. That’s why we created a list of security, safety tips and recommendations; so you can greatly reduce your chances of being robbed.
All our tips are carefully selected and based on years of working in the locksmith industry seeing the painful experiences of others.

• Invest in solid doors with a reliable dead bolt lock and night latch.
• Install window bars on your windows.
• When leaving the house, leave your radio, TV or lights turned on. It shows everybody around that someone is home.
• Turn off your telephone ringer when going away. Unanswered phone signals clearly indicate you’re not at home.
• Install a 180 degree peephole so you could freely observe your staircase and everyone who wants to get in.
• Claim a valid ID card from utility & telephone company workers who want to come in. A genuine representative of a company must have his ID certification on him and will be happy to show it to you. Check the ID carefully before letting the person in.
• If your keys are lost or stolen you should re- key your locks right away
• Invest in the best security system you can afford. In many cases it is a reliable security system that ruins burglar’s plans.

• Never leave any note stickers on your outer doors! “It clearly indicates you are not at home”.
• Don’t mark your keys with your name or physical address.
• If you leave for vacation do not share your plans with strangers. Do not say that you are on vacation on your answering machine. “No one should know your home is left unattended”.
• Do not leave a spare of keys under your welcome mat, on your door, window frames or in flower pots. All these places are very obvious to any burglar. We recommend not to leaving your keys anywhere around your house but if you have to, be creative.

If you would like further information, or in case that you have doubts or more questions, please do not hesitate to contact us or call at 1-800-977-9585. Our professional technicians will be happy to answer all your questions and provide you with the most relevant information for your individual situation.

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I got stuck outside of my office in Upper East Side 3 days ago. I called the number indicated on the website and they arrived within less than 15 minutes. The lock in our still door was opened easily and in a very professional way. We really appreciate the service – thank you 911nyclocksmith!

-Shannon S.

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